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Wedding reception

Aisle altar hymn!

As wedding photography is so refined an art, I have teamed up with specialist suffolk wedding photographer and friend Andrew Florides. Both Andrew and I have a very clear strategy for wedding reception photography. It could be set at either a family home or a suffolk wedding reception unique venue. This stage of the wedding really highlights the advantages of having two wedding photographers, rather than one. Firstly, we establish available time from Bride and Groom’s or Bride and father’s arrival, to the wedding breakfast. It’s then for us to ensure, during this time, that we complete the quite demanding wedding photography tick list.

How we work

Whilst one of us waits to photograph the arrivals and candid guest shots, the other will photograph the wedding breakfast room. All the detailing, wedding cake and wedding decoration are photographed, before the wedding party take their seats. We ask for a wedding formal guest list so no one is missed and find the most picturesque backdrop. If there is an upstairs room or gallery, we may use that to take an overview image of the entire wedding party. Then finally, take the bride and groom off on their own for a portrait session before the wedding breakfast. Once we have shots of the bride and groom’s entrance, and wedding guests at their tables, we take a breather. Then it’s wedding speeches, wedding cake and first dance. Andrew has photographed a suffolk wedding reception as well as a few throughout Europe, on many occasions. Unsurprisingly he has an ample collection of Wedding reception stories to tell:

Tales of a Suffolk Wedding reception

“When photographing a wedding in Plymouth,  I remember taking a break on a beautiful staircase in the early hours of the morning. I sat down and noticed there was a grand piano in the ornate hallway. One of the guests walked over and started to play the most beautiful jazz, it was breathtaking. As I sat there, from nowhere the bride came and sat next to me and we enjoyed the amazing music together. What made this story even more memorable was that she fell asleep on me.

On a less humorous level, there was an occasion where I went to the toilets at a wedding in The Dorchester, Park Lane. There I found the brother of the bride with blood pouring from his nose. He had taken copious amounts of cocaine and was in a mess. After giving him a good telling off, I cleaned him up and got him back to the wedding reception without anyone finding out. He apologised and agreed he was an idiot. Not exactly what is expected of a wedding photographer, but I’m there primarily for the bride and groom. So to avoid any embarrassment, I was happy to be of service.

Finally, and again at a Park Lane wedding, I was waiting for the father of the bride to give his speech. It was a lavish Jewish wedding with no expense spared. Up he stood in all his finery and proclaimed ‘I have to be honest with you all, I’m still not sure if I like him yet!’ There followed an incredible silence…”

Advice and experiences

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