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Photography for beginners

My love of photography grew throughout my childhood, under the inspiration of my uncle Peter. And still more through my teens when I set up a darkroom in my parents’ attic, whilst at Art School in London. These were skills learnt in their original pre-digital form. Slow, sometimes laborious, but wonderfully rewarding. I am now so pleased to be able to pass on my knowledge to enthusiasts, of what for me is still a miracle medium. Read what they say:

“I really enjoyed Roland’s course, learned a lot, had fun and have been inspired. I learned to look and see in different ways, focussing on elements such as texture, repetition, reflections etc. There was quite a range of people in the group from complete beginners like myself to those with more experience. A class where you’re on location in such a beautiful place is very special. Thanks Roland” Judy Coutinho, London, 29th October 2017

“A super day with Roland.  I’m a semi-professional photographer and I still learned some very useful things – and it made me re-think how I approach my photography. He’s very knowledgeable and puts it all across in an easy to understand way – the elements of what makes for a good photograph, together with the technical aspects of how a camera produces them. A great location and venue – the hotel was most pleasant (and the lunch was very good), and the area offers so many great photographic opportunities. Overall, recommended, especially if you are a relative novice and simply want to take better photographs. For you, this is pretty much ideal.” Jonathan Dayman, Colchester, 29th October 2017

“I really enjoyed Roland’s photography class at Walberswick and feel I know a lot more than when I started the day. The theoretical bit at the beginning was very useful for introducing me to basic observational skills for making photographs more interesting, and it was very helpful that Roland illustrated this with examples of his own work. The practical exercise – using the “brief” Roland gave us – was fun and very enjoyable, especially because we were in Walberswick which offered lots of good photo opportunities, and it was nice to then have Roland’s feedback when we looked at them on the laptop.

I am a complete beginner, and others in the group were either more advanced or much more advanced, but happily that didn’t seem to matter. I would definitely recommend this course, and it has whetted my appetite to learn more about photography”. Valerie Greenfield, London, 29th October 2017

“Would just like to say a big thank you for yesterday, the course was very informative with the perfect balance of classwork to hands on photography, I gained valuable knowledge with your guidance and very patient help, even learned how to use the camera a little more which will aid maybe some good to average photos in the future. The class size was perfect with a really good bunch of people, enjoyed very much. Thank you so much”. Anthony London, Sudbury, 30th September 2017

“Going out photographing with the list of effects and things to observe was the greatest fun, and learning to compose through the view-finder; usually I re-compose when editing. And certainly progress as to the use of the camera, which was a lesson I really wanted to have. Thank you!” Timothy Leese, Suffolk, 30th September 2017

“Ian had a great time, hasn’t stopped talking about the day and very pleased he has made that initial leap away from the auto setting!” Sarah Cooper-Bunting re Ian Cooper, Maldon Essex, 30th September 2017

“Lovely day thank you Roland learnt a lot about everything” Mark Graham, Burgh St Peter, Suffolk, 2nd September 2017

“Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday Roland, thank you” Hugh Taylor, Toft Monks Suffolk, 2nd September 2017

“Thank you Roland for a great day and most informative day of photography” Chris Arnold, Shipmeadow Suffolk, 2nd September 2017

“Thank you Roland for a very enjoyable, informative and fun day of learning, can’t wait for the next one!” Jackey Ives, Ringsfield Suffolk, 2nd September 2017

“Attended the photography course today. I got so much out of it. My brain is spinning but at least I now have a handle on how to use my camera. For years I have used the auto button, not any more. Now I can control the ISO, aperture and shutter speed and use the observational skills and camera, as instructed! All I need to do now is practise, practise practise and wait for the next course. Thank you Roland”. Paul Sheppard, Suffolk, 22nd July 2017

“Excellent photo course at Aldeburgh today, learnt a lot!” Andy Hewett, Suffolk, 22nd July 2017

“Thank you for the email and the pictures – a great reminder of what for me was a fantastic day. I feel that you helped me learn a great deal, not only about how to use my camera but more importantly how to ‘see’ pictures. Obviously for me I am only at the start of this journey but feel that Saturday has really given me some insight in what to look for and how to look for it. I will certainly be using the list from the morning to help me in moving forward. Having looked at some of my pictures I have been pleasantly surprised by some of them and feel that after tweaking them in ‘Lightroom’ I am really happy with them.” David Ford, Saxmundham, 15th June 2017

“Had a wonderful day yesterday with Rol& at Walberswick. The weather was perfect, lovely clouds. I recommend anyone to do this workshop. I will think about how I take my photos in future. Hope it will help my art as well”. Angela Wheeler, Near Gt Yarmouth, 21st May 2017