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Student comments

Photography for beginners

My love of photography grew throughout my childhood on the Suffolk Heritage Coast, under the inspiration of my uncle Peter. And still more through my teens when I set up a darkroom in my parents’ attic, whilst at Art School in London. These were skills learnt in their original pre-digital form, slow, sometimes laborious, but wonderfully rewarding. I am now so pleased to be able to pass on my knowledge of photography for both beginners and intermediates. All of which for me is still very much a miracle medium. Read the ‘Photography for beginners’ feedback from the workshop styled Suffolk Photography Course the London Photography Course, as well as my Italian Photography Holiday CoursesI would like to thank all the students who have attended and reviewed these Suffolk, London and Italian Photography workshop courses. You have helped to make the sun shine at Southwold, Walberswick, Dunwich, Aldeburgh, Woodbridge and of course slightly easier, Italy. ‘Mouse over’ will pause gallery.


“I took a look at your website for London courses and the photos look fantastic, they really do.” Steve Cowtan, editor of ‘Find a Photography Course’

“I attended a Photography Course with Roland. The Course commenced with a practical demonstration of both hardware and software necessary to take and develop good photographs. There was then a presentation taking me through the necessary bullet points and principles required for good quality photography. We then went on practical sessions taking and developing excellent photographs throughout the afternoon. What I really appreciated about the course is that Roland listened to what I was hoping to achieve from the experience and tailored it to suit. I had numerous questions concerning photography, all of which were answered with ease and clarity. I would thoroughly recommend Roland Blunk’s Courses to anyone interested in photography. Jon Chick, Halesworth, Suffolk, 27th September 2020

“Just a quick note to say ‘thank you’ for the great day today on the Suffolk Photography Course, where you shared your expertise and gave me lots of tips so that I can improve my photography.” Gary Nicolaou, Beccles, 14th June 2020

“I attended the Aldeburgh course and had a fab day. I learned so much and my photos have improved significantly since then. I am thinking very differently about how I compose my pictures. I am a keen amateur with a fairly basic camera which didn’t matter at all. The lessons are so relevant whatever you use. Would highly recommend.” Sez Relf, Stowmarket, 1st March 2020

“What a fantastic day I had on a beginners photography course with Roland in Walberswick on 8th February. We were taken through some of the technical features on cameras and how they affected the finished photo that you take, this was done in a way that was easy to understand and I didn’t feel silly asking questions in the group that were doing the course. Roland puts you at ease when teaching. We were given different options to try and capture on our walk around Walberswick, it certainly made you see things in a different way. We had a lovely lunch at a local pub and discussed the photos taken by the group, we also got taught ways of editing our photos which was certainly new to me. A really enjoyable day which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting to know more about photography.” Julia Holt, Aldeburgh, 8th February 2020

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Walberswick course on 8th February. The pace, location and approach was perfect and miles away from the overly technical and (for me) overwhelming courses and books that predominate. Thanks so much for reigniting my passion and enthusiasm for photography, and for the Suffolk coastline. I should add that another benefit is that it helped me see a lot of beauty and interest that I otherwise might not have identified or appreciated.” Martin Summers, London, 8th February 2020

“This Suffolk Photography Course really helped my understanding of photography as a novice and has given me great confidence to put what I learnt into practice. Can’t wait!!” Tony Smith, Felixstowe, Suffolk 12th November 2019

“The Norwich Photography course was from 10 am to 6 pm and in that time, Roland very astutely discussed with me where I was going wrong and showed me just how he approaches work, subjects and angles and how to compose an image correctly. Roland, by showing me how to ‘see’ anew, very cleverly took me from ‘advanced amateur’ through to ‘improving intermediate’ within those eight hours. Looking around my home city of Norwich now, reveals just how many more possibilities have opened up to me and I just need to concentrate on getting one or two ‘good to great’ images, rather than the hundreds of ‘mediocre to poor’ shots. I am still practicing and enjoying my newly learnt skills, thanks to Roland’s very good teaching methods and can highly recommend him to anyone wishing to become a better photographer.” Gilbert Aldous, Norwich Norfolk, 15th October 2019

“Thank you Roland for the course at Walberswick. A thoroughly enjoyable day which helped me to get to grips with my camera and left me growing in confidence with my photography skills!” Sophie Hinchliffe, Norwich Norfolk, 2nd October 2019

“Firstly a big thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone for the day. I really enjoyed it and will do my best to put some, if not all into practice.” Jonathan Slater, Sudbury Suffolk, 30th September 2019

“Thanks for a great course I found it very informative. I will be looking through the lens with a different mindset in the future.” Paul Brundle, Kessingland Suffolk, 6th July 2019

“I found the course very informative and Rol& has a great way of explaining all aspects of photography from portrait to landscape to movement. It was a full day with lots of opportunity to take photos, look at the results back at base and learning how to get the most out of your pictures. Throughly enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you.” Rob Hay, Ipswich Suffolk, 12th May 2019

“I attended a day course with Roland after I had been given a Canon EOS 80D for my birthday. Having had no photography training, I was completely outside of my comfort zone when I attended the course. However, any nerves I had were very quickly laid to rest when Roland welcomed me on the day. It became clear very quickly that Roland’s teaching experience, photography knowledge and artistic eye were a perfect combination to gain a good foundation of skills to put into practise. I had a great, relaxed and interesting day in a beautiful setting with a brilliant group of people. I have a new found love and appreciation for photography and I will definitely be back when I am ready to learn more!” Carly barker, Stowmarket Suffolk, 20th April 2019

“A very informative & fun day on your recent Photography for Beginners day course at Southwold. I now can’t wait to get out with my camera to make use of this! Thank you Roland!” Elaine Marie, near Chelmsford Essex, 16th February 2019

“Thank you Roland for a great day of photography in Southwold, it was well structured. Roland makes you look at things differently from textures, patterns, colours and more. We also did landscapes and portraiture, highlights of the day was Roland chasing seagulls so we could capture them in flight. I would recommend a days photography with Roland and look forward to taking another course soon.” Linda Hunting, Lowestoft Suffolk, 22nd September 2018

“I recently returned from an extremely enjoyable Italian Photography Holiday Course in Campania, Southern Italy, and a world away from nearby Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Mornings and early evenings were spent photographing a spectacular blend of nature and historical sites as well as local life. And in between frequently retiring to an outdoor restaurant and pool for a leisurely lunch. I learnt a lot about photography which was why I attended in the first place, but that apart, I experienced traditional small town Italian life, for real. I was welcomed by charming locals and didn’t encounter a single non-Italian there all week, although we did experience ‘tourism’ when we visited the Amalfi Coast for a day. Highly recommend this holiday and would like to re-visit the area after learning some Italian.” Steve Brown, Woodbridge Suffolk, 18th September 2018

“I had a great day and now feel that I can go ahead and practice with all the information and encouragement that you gave me. Thank you once again.” Karen Ayers, Lowestoft Suffolk, 11th August 2018

“I thought the ‘Italian photography holiday course’ week was very good. Your expertise and the level of tuition gave confidence and the choices of location and practicing of different techniques was well arranged. I particularly liked having much of each day left free for other activities such as sightseeing, while the meet-up and discussion of the day’s work and editing techniques in the early evening kept the interest going. So thank you very much and I hope that your future tours prove to be even more popular!” Dennis Passingham, Norwich Norwich, 16th-26th May 2018

“. . . And it was a great day. Learnt a lot. Can’t wait to put all I learnt to the test. Thank you so much.” Jerome Tassel, Hadleigh Suffolk, 12th May 2018

“Just back from a day photo course with Roland in Dunwich Suffolk. It was money well spent, Roland has a very friendly way of teaching not just the basics to people like me, but a professional way for higher mortals. I would certainly recommend him and will consider taking another day course, or even one of his Italian photography courses.” Ken Johnson, Stalham Norfolk, 12th May 2018

“Booked on the one day Suffolk photography course that was very well put together. Found myself getting much more out of my camera throughout a lively and relaxing day, inside and outside, on the Suffolk Heritage Coast. A manual camera now feels like a proper hobby.” Steve Brown, woodbridge Suffolk, 21st April 2018

“I attended Roland’s beginners course in Walberswick this April. Roland is an excellent teacher. The course was very well organised and I learned a great deal. He helped me get over my nervousness of shooting portraits and I was enjoying this so much, that I didn’t want to stop! I think he got the balance right between theory and practice and I liked the assignments we were set. All in all a great day which I really recommend.” Mary Davies, Muswell Hill London, 21st April 2018

“Thanks Roland for a great day out in Walberswick. I really enjoyed the relaxed style of tuition. . . The exercise in the afternoon was useful as it really made me think of composition when photographing a person. I would most certainly recommend your photography days.” Joyce Wells, Suffolk, 21st April 2018

“I was recently on a one day course at Walberswick and had intended to write to you, to let you know how much I enjoyed the day, much sooner. I then decided to show you how much my pictures have improved (see attached) thanks to your advice. I feel I am more creative and I now only ever shoot in manual mode (occasionally aperture priority), not something I had the confidence to do before. Obviously I still have a lot to learn but I love getting out there with my camera and experimenting. Thank you so much for your advice and I look forward to attending another course soon.” Ellie Deplegde, Ovington Norfolk, 21st April 2018

“Thank you Roland for a fantastic course in Southwold, it was full of good quality instructions and guidance. I am really excited to now be able to use my camera and understand what makes a good photo.” Jennie Cole, Lowestoft Suffolk, 10th March 2018

“Thanks for a very informative day. . . I thoroughly enjoyed the day, despite the rain and will certainly consider doing another of your courses later in the year.” Melanie Wright, Blundeston Norfolk, 10th March 2018

“I really enjoyed Roland’s Suffolk photography for beginners course, learned a lot, had fun and have been inspired. I learned to look and see in different ways, focussing on elements such as texture, repetition, reflections etc. There was quite a range of people in the group from complete beginners like myself to those with more experience. A class where you’d be on location in such a beautiful place is very special. Thanks Roland.” Judy Coutinho, London, 29th October 2017

“A super day with Roland. I’m a semi-professional photographer and I still learned some very useful things – and it made me re-think how I approach my photography. He’s very knowledgeable and puts it all across in an easy to understand way – the elements of what makes for a good photograph, together with the technical aspects of how a camera produces them. A great location and venue – the hotel was most pleasant (and the lunch was very good), and the area offers so many great photographic opportunities. Overall, recommended, especially if you are a relative novice and simply want to take better photographs. For you, this is pretty much ideal.” Jonathan Dayman, Colchester Essex, 29th October 2017

“I really enjoyed Roland’s photography for beginners class at Walberswick and feel I know a lot more than when I started the day. The theoretical bit at the beginning was very useful for introducing me to basic observational skills for making photographs more interesting, and it was very helpful that Roland illustrated this with examples of his own work. The practical exercises using the brief Roland gave us was fun and very enjoyable, especially because we were in Walberswick which offered lots of good photo opportunities, and it was nice to then have Roland’s feedback when we looked at them on the laptop. I am a complete beginner, and others in the group were either more advanced or much more advanced, but happily that didn’t seem to matter. I would definitely recommend this Suffolk photography course, and it has whetted my appetite to learn more about photography.”Valerie Greenfield, London, 29th October 2017

“Would just like to say a big thank you for yesterday, the course was very informative with the perfect balance of classwork to hands on photography, I gained valuable knowledge with your guidance and very patient help, even learned how to use the camera a little more which will aid maybe some good to average photos in the future. The class size was perfect with a really good bunch of people, enjoyed very much. Thank you so much.” Anthony London, Sudbury Suffolk, 30th September 2017

“Going out photographing with the list of effects and things to observe was the greatest fun, and learning to compose through the view-finder; usually I re-compose when editing. And certainly progress as to the use of the camera, which was a lesson I really wanted to have. Thank you!.” Timothy Leese, Suffolk, 30th September 2017

“Ian had a great time, hasn’t stopped talking about the day and very pleased he has made that initial leap away from the auto setting.” Sarah Cooper-Bunting re Ian Cooper, Maldon Essex, 30th September 2017

“Lovely day thank you Roland learnt a lot about everything.” Mark Graham, Burgh St Peter, Suffolk, 2nd September 2017

“Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s Photography for beginners Roland, thank you.” Hugh Taylor, Toft Monks Suffolk, 2nd September 2017

“Thank you Roland for a great day and most informative day of photography.” Chris Arnold, Shipmeadow Suffolk, 2nd September 2017

“Thank you Roland for a very enjoyable, informative and fun day of learning, can’t wait for the next one.” Jackey Ives, Ringsfield Suffolk, 2nd September 2017

“Attended the photography course today. I got so much out of it my brain is spinning, but at least I now have a handle on how to use my camera. For years I have used the auto button, not any more. Now I can control the ISO, aperture and shutter speed and use the observational skills and camera, as instructed! All I need to do now is practise, practise practise and wait for the next course. Thank you Roland.” Paul Sheppard, Suffolk, 22nd July 2017

“Excellent photo course at Aldeburgh today, learnt a lot!.” Andy Hewett, Suffolk, 22nd July 2017

“Thank you for the email and the pictures – a great reminder of what for me was a fantastic day. I feel that you helped me learn a great deal, not only about how to use my camera but more importantly how to ‘see’ pictures. Obviously for me I am only at the start of this journey but feel that Saturday has really given me some insight in what to look for and how to look for it. I will certainly be using the list from the morning to help me in moving forward. Having looked at some of my pictures I have been pleasantly surprised by some of them and feel that after tweaking them in ‘Lightroom’ I am really happy with them.” David Ford, Saxmundham Suffolk, 15th June 2017

“Had a wonderful day yesterday with Rol& at Walberswick. The weather was perfect, lovely clouds. I recommend anyone to do this workshop. I will think about how I take my photos in future. Hope it will help my art as well.” Angela Wheeler, Near Gt Yarmouth Norfolk, 21st May 2017

Photography for beginners and intermediates is a subject that is available in London locations, as well as the Suffolk Heritage Coast and Norwich. Additionally I organise more extensive one week development Photography courses in Southern Italy, that you may view here. It’s a great holiday too and thoroughly suits ‘photo widows’ with differing holiday agendas!

East Anglia photography course

My ‘Suffolk photography courses’ are tuned to developing your creative eye and occasionally even making the ugly, beautiful.

Suffolk photography course

Usually I work solo on my UK workshops, but when I need a hand, I have a small group of experienced photographers to call upon.

Suffolk photography course

‘On location’ photo tuition, three hours each day, with hotel, half board and enough time to enjoy exploring between sessions.