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A Coastal Hotel

Photography holidays in Italy

The third of my one week ‘Photography holiday courses’ Italy, is at Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast, south western Italy. Perched at the top of cliffs, this fabled coastal town is a glorious location to draw inspiration from. It’s admired for it’s ancient history, sweeping water views as well as the extraordinary cafe-lined square of Piazza Tasso. The historic centre is a warren of narrow alleys, home to the magnificent 14th-century Chiesa di San Francesco Church. Sorrento has famously inspired such luminaries as Byron, Shelly, Dickens, Keats, Nietzsche, Tolstoi, Ibsen, Scott and me of course;-). Altogether a most culturally inspiring location, together with a photo backdrop, the stuff of dreams.

Sorrento, The Amalfi Coast
An extraordinary landscape where sea, mountain, deep valleys and citrus groves alternate producing the perfect base for camera explorers. To the east of Sorrento is the Amalfi Coast in all it’s splendour. The south is the best of the peninsula’s unspoilt countryside, with Pompeii to the north. Other iconic archaeological sites and the nearby fabled island of Capri, are close enough to visit between sessions. This location is a perfect example of how I have structured my Amalfi Coast photography course, to allow for explorations.

Palatial accommodation 
The 18th century’Maison Tofani’ Hotel is in effect a very posh Amalfi Coast B&B, in a palatial setting, literally! And yes, the Italians do seem to have a proliferation of palaces, much as we have semis! So lunch and dinner are for you to forage for, amongst the many restaurants and cafés that line the streets. The 4 star hotel has an fine reputation, having won the TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Awards for 2013, 2014 and 2016. This location is for couples only, since the ‘Tofani’ has no single rooms.

Amalfi Coast photography course
The price for the seven nights of my course is for bed and breakfast in this palatial hotel, with tuition. Flights are not included as the logistics are rather variable, but I am happy to advise on route planning. However I have attached a ‘clickable’ option to book ‘door to door’ transfers from Naples Airport for arrival and departures. And I would very much recommend, that this is a holiday where you can quite happily forget the car. Oh and if you need any further persuasion, do read my blog on driving in Italy! There’s a good local Amalfi Coast Sorrento bus service, as well as trains to and from Naples and shipping routes.  If you enjoy walking, there is just so much to see, enjoy and photograph in Sorrento, on foot. Scroll below, for the first of my Amalfi Coast photography course dates beginning 17th November 2018. And dates can be reserved with a 10% deposit. Or of course, call me if you would like to discuss any element in more detail. Apologies, a couple of these shots are library images.