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Italian photo holiday

Photography holidays in Italy

I am hosting occasional ‘Italian photography course’ holidays. Developed for small groups of like minded people, the courses are enjoyable whilst improving basic photographic skills. And in doing so, exploring and photographing some of the most beautiful locations in Southern Italy. I feel very fortunate in having gained great personal experience as a photographer and graphic designer, being a former visiting lecturer at Saint Martins School of Art (London), London College of Communication and Norwich School of Art. Additionally I have been commissioned by the BBC, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Design Council, the National Portrait Gallery and the V&A Museum amongst many influential clients.

For 2017/18, I am offering three very different locations for my Italian photography holiday courses. My beginner courses, start from under £850 which includes accommodation with the tuition. All three are within a few hours of our home in Southern Italy, so we know the locations well. The beginner courses in English, will include photographic tips for everybody wanting to improve their basic photography knowledge. So whether you use a digital SLR camera, Android or iPhone camera, the relaxed tuition will be in beautiful environments.

My Italian photography holiday course sessions will be tuned to developing your creative eye. How to make the ordinary extraordinary and occasionally even the ugly, beautiful. How to develop an understanding of light, when to use hard light and when soft light. As well as using natural or artificial, and how to find dramatic light even on a dull day. And once you have your shots, how to export your photos to your laptop and ‘cloud’. An early evening session will be for fine tuning the images within ‘Adobe Lightroom’. We will also discuss how to organise, file and share your photos.

A typical day will be to rise and be on location for the ‘Golden hour’ and back for late breakfast. The early evening session, from around 6pm to 7pm, will be a feedback session on the morning’s photography. Each photographer should have a camera/phone camera and preferably a laptop or tablet, with ‘Lightroom’ installed. This is available through Adobe with a one week’s free trial. You will get to know beginner basics such as composition, depth of field, lens selection and exposure tips. And you should find time between the two sessions each day, to explore and ‘site-see’ or just ‘siesta’. I will of course be on hand throughout your Italian photography holiday, if you want more intensive photographic tuition. Roland Blunk

Italian photo holiday

Campania Country House

My rural ‘Italian photography holiday’ course is a mile outside of San Potito Sannitico, in central southern Italy. ‘Bacco e Bavacco’, a small ‘Country House’ style hotel set within extensive rural grounds, is run by Italians Sara and Mark. The food here is authentic southern Italian and freshly prepared, much of it with their own produce. Carmela and I have dined here often and have thoroughly enjoyed the food, service and ambience!

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Skiing in central Italy

Abruzzo Mountain ‘Castello’

The ‘Le Torri’ hotel is my second ‘Italian photography holiday’ setting, in the small mountain town of Pescocostanzo, central Italy. The town boasts four Michelin Restaurants shared between the population of just 1,200 and those nearby. And it is these four restaurants that have enticed me to set up camera in this gorgeous town. Lunch in one of these fabulous restaurants each day, is included within my deal.

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Italian photography holiday

Amalfi Coast Hotel

The 18th century 4 star ‘Maison Tofani’, is beautifully located in the historic centre of Sorrento. This classic Amalfi coastal town, rich in atmosphere, history and charm, is the perfect location for my third ‘Italian photography holiday’ course. The picturesque ‘Maison Tofani’ entrance is that of a typical Neapolitan palace courtyard. And yes, the Italians do seem to have a proliferation of palaces, much as we have semis!

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