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Sports photography

Sport & training

With sport & training, it’s all too easy to be in the right place at the wrong time. For sports photography, anticipation is everything! “Many tha...
Child portraiture suffolk

B&W beauty

The beauty of black and white is in its skewing of reality. The escape from colour offers an opportunity to create almost within another dimension...
Mexican circus

A Garden Circus

My good friend and fellow photographer Andrew Florides invited me to photograph his 'Garden Circus' (he wanted the evening off), a fabulous evening of...
Church Baptism


Alfred's Baptism. The start of an amazing journey through life...
Unique wedding

Aisle altar hymn!

I don't think of myself as a wedding photographer, more a photographer who shoots weddings. But what a privilege and indeed pleasure it was to be aske...
London Tate Britain Gallery

Spiral staircase

I've seen and photographed this glorious spiral staircase before, but I couldn't help but click again in more detail.  
Photography musicians


Musicians, being exhibitionists by nature, offer photographers wonderful opportunities to shoot away, without inhibition...
Kitchen interior photography


"All I can say is that these are in a completely different class to the images supplied by our other photographers and I’m really, really delighted wi...
Suffolk photography course


From Beccles to Walberswick where I lived and spent idyllic years as a lad and the Suffolk Heritage Coast, these are some of the locations that are de...
Suffolk flowers

Urban jungle

I took my camera out to tea today at 'Urban Jungle' in Beccles and it was amazed by the exotic selection. Never has it enjoyed plant life so much. The...