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Family portraits

Family and friends

In these fast-moving times, family portraits and special moments in our lives are in danger of passing us by. I recently reflected on my own childhood, and realised how poor my own Suffolk family portraits album was. I believe it’s important to capture today’s moments, not just for social media or even tomorrow, but for future generations.

What Daniella, who’s family features in the coloured shots above, said about her Suffolk family portraits: “We asked Roland to take some family portraits, but as we didn’t mind how this was done, we handed him the artistic license to choose where and when. Roland chose the perfect time of day, just as the sun was setting and chose a local rural location, which was ideal. It was autumn time so he requested we wrapped up and wore our Wellington boots! We were given real direction in where to stand and what to do, but he was also open in cooperating with our ideas too! What we wanted was a simple family portrait, that captured our love for one another and this is exactly what we got! We now have a professional set of photographs of our small family, that we will treasure forever! Thanks Roland!” Daniella

This is a collection showing unposed family portraits both as monochrome and colour. The colour subjects are mainly ‘lens aware’ but not posing, whereas the B&W’s are largely unaware. Either of these two subtly different styles are generally very desirable for family groups, as both evoke a naturalness. Charlie, wearing the cap for example, is simply curious rather than posing, as his attention is drawn to the lens. All images are of one extended family and I have alternated the sequence to show the two styles. I am very happy to carry out an assignment using either or both approaches.

I am available for all types of social photography from weddings and Suffolk family portraits to personal portraits.

These are my photography packages for personal or family shoots, whether monochrome or colour. If you would like a price for another project please contact me. The sessions can take place in your own home, a special location or nearby landscape.

90 minute photoshoot + post production: £350
All the final 30+ photographs on a USB stick (high resolution jpegs with full personal usage rights)
Two 16×20 inch ‘fine art’ quality prints or five 8×12 inch prints

180 minute photoshoot (recommended if you want more than one location or several clothing changes) + post production: £595
All the final 50+ photographs on a USB stick (high resolution jpegs with full personal usage rights)
Two 16×20 inch ‘fine art’ quality prints or five 8×12 inch prints

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

For those with technical knowledge of photography, here is a little about the equipment I use. And as the photo adage goes: ‘The camera doesn’t take the photograph, the photographer does’. However, if you haven’t got the finest equipment, you won’t get the finest quality: My main camera is a Nikon D4, which for absolute peace of mind, has two ‘parallel’ memory card functions. This is so important for ‘social photography’, need I say more! This I can use with any from the finest AF-S 14-24mm 2.8 Nikon lens; AF-S 24-70mm 2.8 Nikon lens, AF-S 70-200mm 2.8 Nikon lens or the Sigma Art 85mm 1.4 prime portrait lens.